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The very latest tour dates
A new featured mp3

The very latest tour dates

Sorry for the last-minute notice on the live broadcast and Internet simulcast from Grant Street Dancehall in Lafayette on April 27. Things have been a little hectic. In fact, as April turned to May, Sonny played 15 gigs in nine days, most of them in New Orleans. There were in-stores, guest appearances, a benefit and plenty of full band sets.

Along the way Sonny landed a great front page feature story by Music Editor Keith Spera in the New Orleans Times-Picayune on opening day of the Jazz & Heritage Festival. On the opening day of the second weekend, a photo of Sonny’s packed Blues Tent gig the previous Friday at Jazz Fest was featured in USA Today.

And the road rolls on. In fact, we’ve got an appropriately titled new mp3 now available (see below), and best of all we’ve now got the very latest Tour Dates at your fingertips. Feel free to bookmark our site, as online Tour Dates updates will now be much more frequent than transmissions of SlideLines (Pollstar is updated constantly). As an added note, Robben Ford and his band will be featured along with Sonny’s band at the June 12-14 dates.

A new featured mp3

We’ve got a new mp3 posted in the Lagniappe section. Here are Sonny’s thoughts on "Road a Plenty:"

"I’ve always liked writing variations on a theme. One idea can spark a cycle of songs. ‘Road a Plenty’ came up when I was writing ‘Spider-Gris,’ one of the instrumentals on ‘Levee Town.’ Both songs use some of the same chordal voicings. When an idea is good enough, it can stretch through many incarnations. I really improvised the solo on this one – it’s always better to capture the moment and not think too much."

"The key figure for the song involves fretting the first and second strings on the third fret and bouncing the slide (on the little finger) off the second through fifth strings at the fifth fret. It’s sort of a reversed version of "Spider-Gris," starting high and going low instead of the other way around."

"This was recorded at my home for a benefit CD, and it’s in G Spanish tuning. I played my ’66 Strat through an MXR Dyna Comp to The Plex (Richard Beck’s version of the Echoplex) to a Line 6 POD to an API mic pre and eq to tape."

Hope you dig it. Thanks again for your support, and please spread the word about SonnyLandreth.com and SlideLines.

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